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Dual Campus or Change of Campus

Dual campus enrollment

Dual campus enrollment is for students who are currently enrolled at WVU Tech and wish to take a separate course at one of WVU’s other campuses. To explore this option more fully you must work with your assigned academic advisor. Once you and your adviser have decided if this your best course of action, please download the form. You and your advisor will then complete the form together. You or your advisor will then submit the form with signatures to the registrar’s office for processing.

Download the Dual Campus Form

Change of campus

The Change of Campus Form is for switching from one WVU institution to another. You must be a current student at WVU, WVU Potomac State College or WVU Tech to use this form. If you are are only switching campuses/institutions for one semester, be sure to select the “Transient” option. Changing campuses as a transient student will not affect any term other than the one selected on the form.

You will file the completed, signed form with the admissions office of the institution you are requesting to be transient at or a transfer student to. You will be notified at your MIX account of your admissions status. When you are accepted to that institution, you will register online through MIX/STAR as you normally would. WVU Tech does not require a transient form when this form is used. If you are registering for a course that is not fulfilling a GEC/GEF requirement and is not offered by Tech, a substitution form may be needed if you wish to use the course for a degree requirement at Tech.