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The West Virginia University Institute of Technology catalog is your source for information about curriculum, course offerings, admission, graduation requirements and other rules and regulations pertaining to the university. While every effort has been made to provide a correct catalog, the institution reserves the right to delete, change or amend this information as necessary.

Normally, you may expect to graduate under the requirements published in the catalog year in which you were officially accepted into the specific degree program and major. However, the university reserves the right to change requirements for graduation. If such changes are made, it may, at the discretion of the college, be applied to your pattern of study, provided the new requirements do not impose extension of time for completion of your degree.

As a general rule, you have six years to complete degree requirements in an original baccalaureate program. However, if you interrupt your program for one academic year you will be subject to the requirements of the existing catalog when you return.

At this time, academic policies and rules are still following the 2007-2008 catalog year. However, for 2008-2009 or later entering students, your curriculum (course) requirements are found with your college and your department for your major. A catalog for curriculum has been published for the Leonard C. Nelson College of Engineering for 2009-2010 and for the College of Business, Humanities, and Social Sciences for 2010-2011. Please see links to the right.

Changes to academic history for students enrolled prior to Fall 2009 or later

In the Fall of 2009, WVU Tech converted academic history for students enrolled Fall 2009 or later into the same system as WVU. This required changes to some historical subject codes as they are represented on the transcripts of these students. Please see the Subject Code Change Key for more information.