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Academic Forgiveness

Academic Forgiveness is the policy under which a student, at the time of admissions, may request forgiveness of Fs earned four years prior as long as they were not enrolled at any CTC, college or university during that four years.


  1. Apply for Admission to WVU Tech.
  2. Simultaneously submit the application for Academic Forgiveness through the dean of the college of your major. For instance, if you plan on majoring in Psychology, the petition is filed through the Dean of the College of Business, Humanities and Social Sciences. If you plan on majoring in Biology, the petition is filed through the Dean of the Leonard C. Nelson College of Engineering and Sciences.
  3. Student is notified by a MIX email whether the application is approved.

If the application is approved, the changes will be applied to the student’s WVU Tech credits and transfer credits as applicable. Academic Forgiveness is applied by excluding the GPA hours for credit hours which an F was earned. The Fs still will appear on the transcript, however, forgiven Fs will have an “E” notation and the hours will no longer appear in the GPA hours and will not be used in the calculation of the GPA. This can be viewed through the MIX/STAR Academic Transcript online once processed.