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Prior to registration, you will receive an email to your MIX account with important information. Be sure to check your MIX email regularly. 


You may register for/add classes during the Add/Drop period. During the Late Add/Drop period, if you have not previously registered, a late registration fee will be assessed. Please see the current academic calendar for the part of term add/drop period dates.

You must make arrangements to pay by the payment deadline. A late fee is assessed to students who have not made appropriate arrangements. If you make no payment towards your bill, you will eventually be dropped from classes for non-payment.

Dropping with a Refund
You may drop a course with a 100% refund through your STAR account during the Add/Drop period. No official record of your registration will be retained for courses dropped during this period. This period is variable in length depending on the length of the term of the class. Please check the academic calendar for the last day to drop a class with a 100% refund.

Dropping with a W
After the late add/drop period, you will be required to have a form signed by your advisor to drop individual courses with a W. You should always speak with your instructor before deciding to drop a course with a W. To withdraw from all courses requires multiple signatures. Your signature is  always required. There is no refund for dropping an individual course with a W.

In the event that your advisor is not available, you should contact the department chair. If the department chair is not available, you should contact your dean. WVU Tech has a complete  directory to assist you. Please refer to the semester academic calendar for drop deadlines.

Withdrawing from ALL classes

If you have paid for classes (including partially or in full with a scholarship or other financial aid), it is your responsibility to withdraw from your classes if you do not intend to come. 

For more information on how to withdrawal from all classes and the policies involved, please see the Withdrawal Policies page.

Special registration

Occasionally, you may seek special approval for registering in a course you would otherwise not be able to enroll in. Approval is up to the appropriate administrator and is not guaranteed.

Be sure to keep up with the add, drop and complete withdrawal dates with the academic calendar.