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Withdrawal Policies

If you are considering an academic withdrawal from the current term, please discuss your situation with your academic advisor, a professor, your Resident Leader (if you live in a residence hall) or a financial aid counselor to consider all your options. Our goal is to help you succeed and graduate from WVU Tech.


Financial aid recipients who withdraw from ALL classes before 60% of the term is completed may be required to return a portion of any financial aid which was received for the term. Students who do not receive at least one passing grade for classes in a term must provide documentation which verifies continued participation in educational activities. If documentation cannot be provided, those students are considered to have informally withdrawn from WVU prior to 60% of the term and may be required to return a portion of any financial aid which was received. This review and return of financial aid is done in accordance with federal regulations.

It is your responsibility to ensure all of your University bills are paid and all required forms are received and processed. Your withdrawal becomes official only after your withdrawal request is received and processed by the Office of the Registrar. A withdrawal from all classes constitutes withdrawal from the University for the current term only.


Until the Friday of the tenth week of class (or Friday of the fourth week in a six-week summer course, or Friday of the second week of a three-week summer course), students may withdraw from individual courses. Deadlines are listed each semester on the academic calendar. If a student follows all established University procedures and withdraws by the published deadline, he or she will receive a “W” on the transcript. Grade point averages are not affected in any way by this mark; however, the ratio of courses attempted versus courses completed may affect financial aid eligibility

Procedures for withdrawing from individual courses

Before withdrawing from individual classes, students should consult an advisor to determine if: 
  • The course load would be reduced below the minimal number of hours required to qualify for financial aid, housing, varsity athletic competition or international full-time student status. 
  • The courses to be dropped are required to fulfill academic probationary conditions. 
  • The courses from which the student wants to withdraw might be co-requisite with other courses he or she is taking, or prerequisite to other courses required for the next term.

Withdrawal from all classes for the current term

A student may completely withdraw from the institution any time before the last day designated for complete withdrawal from the university. 
  • Students who decide to leave WVU Tech during a term should withdraw from all classes and must do so in accordance with established University policy. Students are responsible for all financial obligations and for following established procedures. This includes the submission of appropriate information and signature of forms in person at the Office of the Registrar. 
  • Students who are unable to withdraw in person because of illness, accident or other valid reasons must send notification of their request to withdraw along with all appropriate required information to the Office of the Registrar. The request to withdraw must be verified in writing along with a signature. 
  • If a student is an international student attending WVU Tech on a visa, the student must report to the Office of the Registrar. 
  • With the help of their academic advisors, students are responsible for determining how withdrawal from the institution may affect their future status, including such aspects as financial aid suspension for failure to make progress toward a degree, or violation of established eligibility for scholarships, fellowships or financial aid
  • Students called into active military duty during any given semester have specific options regarding the credit hours. 
When you withdraw from ALL your classes during a term, you will not receive any grade or credit for those classes, and your GPA is not affected. You will receive a “W” for each withdrawn class on your transcript and your hours attempted will include the classes from which you withdrew after the first week of the term. 

To withdraw from all classes through the last day to drop a class with a “W”, log on to your MIX account and drop them through STAR. 

If you need to withdraw from the TERM after the last day to drop a class with a “W”, you may do any of the following: 

1. Visit the Office of the Registrar

2. Send an email from your MIX Account only to Please include your full name, last 4 digits of your student identification number, reason for your withdrawal, address and telephone number. 

3. Mail a request and include your full name, student identification number, reason for your withdrawal, address, telephone number and signature to the following address:

WVU Tech Office of the Registrar
410 Neville St.
Beckley, WV 25801 

4. Fax a request and include your full name, student identification number, reason for your withdrawal, address, telephone number and signature to 304.929.1696

If you live in university residential housing, check with the main desk of your residential hall, or contact housing for procedural details. 

If you have financial aid, please investigate the impact of the withdrawal with the Financial Aid office. Stop by the Financial Aid office.

Re-enrollment after withdrawal

After you withdraw from WVU Tech in two consecutive terms (excluding summer sessions), you may not register for further work without approval of the dean of the college or school in which you want to register and subject to conditions set by that dean.

Not returning for the next term

If you are not returning to the University for a particular term and you are registered for classes, then you may withdraw from the term before it begins. Withdrawal from a term can be done through the STAR system. You may also withdraw from ALL your courses for a future term by following the procedure for withdrawing from ALL classes for the current term. If you have any billing/fee inquiries go to the Office of Student Accounts.