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Commencement information

Working towards graduation is something you do every semester. To reach graduation you must follow the pattern sheet outlined in the catalog year when you begin your major. If you leave WVU Tech for a year or longer, when you return, you then must complete the graduation requirements for the catalog year of your readmission.

You have six years to complete your graduation requirements for your degree. You may change to a later catalog, but you may not change to an earlier catalog. You can find more information about curriculum requirements may in the  academic catalog.

Before or during your priority registration week, you should meet with your advisor to update your progress towards graduation with him or her on your pattern sheet. At this appointment, you will plan your registration for the next one or two semesters.

When you find that you are 35 to 40 hours (two semesters not including summer) from graduating, you should file a  Graduation Check with the Office of Student Records and Registration.

You will need to file a  Graduation Application in your last semester by the published deadline.

Diplomas are mailed four to six weeks after graduation for students who successfully completed all requirements.


Graduation Check Priority Deadlines:
Fall/Summer – March 1
Spring – September 1

Graduation Application Deadline:
Fall – October 15
Spring – March 15
Summer – June 15

Graduation honors

All candidates for a baccalaureate degree with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) in the ranges below will graduate with the corresponding honors:

Duplicate diplomas

If you have lost your diploma or need a duplicate diploma, you may order one for $75. We will make every effort to have your diploma prepared to look like your original diploma. Duplicate diplomas can take from 4 to 6 weeks for processing.

WVU Tech Duplicate Diploma Request Form