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Register for Classes

Before you register, you must meet with your advisor and obtain your Term PIN to enter on the Advising Hold/Term PIN page. Who is my advisor? If you need additional support, contact the department chair.  

If you are not a registered WVU Tech student, begin the application process here.

Web Registration Instructions

  1. Login to the the WVU Portal at
  2. Enter your Username and Password (Don't know your username? Find it here.)
  3. Select STAR
  4. Click on the “Student Services & Housing” link
  5. If the Security Information box pops up, click “No” - you are now connected to STAR
  6. Click on the “Registration” link
  7. Click on “Add or Drop Classes”
  8. From the pull down window select "term"
  9. Click on “Submit”
  10. At bottom of page, click on “Class Search”
  11. At “Subject” field, select subject from the menu by using the scroll bar. When subject appears, place pointer on subject and click to highlight
  12. At “Course Number” field type course number
  13. At “Title” field leave blank
  14. At “Schedule Type” select “All”
  15. At “Credit Range” field leave blank
  16. At “Campus” field click on “WVU Campus Course”
  17. At “Part of Term” field leave as “All”
  18. At “Instructor” field leave as “All”
  19. At “Start Time” field leave at default
  20. Click on the “Class Search” button at the bottom
  21. If the class is open, click in the box on the left side of the page under the “Select” heading
  22. Click on the “Register” button at the bottom of the page. If no error messages are received, you are now registered
  23. To review your schedule, click on the “Student Services & Housing” tab at the top of the page
  24. Click on the “Registration” link
  25. Click on “Concise Student Schedule”
  26. If you have selected courses that have variable credits or multiple grading modes available, (i.e. pass/fail, audit) you can make changes by choosing the “Change Class Options” link
  27. Remember: once you have completed registration, close your browser to protect your privacy
  28. If you are in STAR longer than 20 minutes, MIX will time-out due to inactivity on the MIX pages