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Graduation Forms
Graduation Check
Graduation Application

Registration Forms
Course Registration Form
STAR Course Registration Approval Form
Transient Form for Tech Students
Tech Students Requesting to Enroll at PSC
Withdrawal Form
WVU Tech Veteran Certification Enrollment
STAR Course Drop Request

Change of Campus
Change of Campus

Dual Campus
Dual Campus Form

Classification and Grades
Appeal to Classification and Grades

Personal Information Forms
Personal Information Update Form
Residency Reclassification Appeal

Veterans Forms
Veterans Enrollment Certification
WVU Tech Veterans & Military Service Educational Benefits Data & Agreement

Records Forms
Change of Major, Second Major, and/or Add Minor
WVU Tech Transcript Request Form
Additional Addresses for Transcript Request Form
WVU Tech Duplicate Diploma Request

Current Matrix
Major, Minor and Emphasis Codes

D/F Repeat Form
D/F Repeat Form

Academic Forgiveness
Academic Forgiveness Petition

Course Substitution Form
Course Substitution

Catalog Year Designation Form
Catalog Year Designation